My best friend is a superhero!

The idea of this article came from a challenge my friend wanted to experience with me. The rule is quite simple on paper: each of us must write about the other one in a fictive and descriptive way by paralleling a superhero. In my case, the problem is that my friend really IS a superhero. So, I’m not sure about the ‘fictive’ part. Anyway, here’s what I’ve imagined:

I know a girl who I would like to talk to you about. She is far from being a normal girl. If one day you are lucky enough to meet her, you will soon notice that she’s got something extra. People may wonder what is this je-ne-sais-quoi. After many years analysing her, I can reveal her secret loud and clear: my best friend has superpowers.

For example, she can easily practice kickboxing while preparing the most romantic dinner, calling her friend who has just broken up, applying to a high-ranking position and finally packing her suitcase at the same time. Most people don’t do these things simultaneously; my friend does! She manages the time to perfection, I can testify, I’ve seen her in action. She is never tired, and any normal person would need a minimum of 15 days to fulfil what she does within a week.

She doesn’t know any obstacle in life, she ain’t afraid of anything – except of spiders but in that case, she calls her buddy Spider Man. Because yeah, it also seems that she knows EVERYONE on this planet and doesn’t need more than 2 seconds to make new friends. What do you want? She likes socialising! She has superpowers of persuasion: she is able to ‘sell’ you something in a passionate way and make you believe it’s worth watching a film which is objectively shit. And you won’t be mad at her.

She has lived on almost every continent of this planet and she would happily extend the journey to meet Martians, if possible. She loves exploring the world. Jumping on a plane is a second nature for her. She can cross miles to see someone she promised to visit. She is able to go around the world twice while you walk your dog around the block once!

Article 31.2
‘Not all heroes wear capes’

Not to spoil anything, she is as sexy as Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Batgirl, Captain Marvel and Black Widow all put together. She is sporty and stronger than the wind. She has the power to transform the most ridiculous outfit into something fashionable and classy, elevating this poor shirt to the next level. All styles fit her, and she’s got the guts to try on new things.

Above all, her number one power is that she’s always there for those she loves. And that’s worth its weight in gold! She could be selfish and competitive but on the contrary, she is attentive to others and helps them shine.

In brief, I could say that:
___She is Valiant
___She is Adventurous
___She is Nice
___She is Easy-going
___She is Smart
___She is Sensitive
___She is Authentic.

Don’t be jealous! That’s just how it is. 😉

I’ve enjoyed taking up this challenge and writing just for fun. Please let me know how you liked it and if I should implement these types of games more often.

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