Bars, brunch & restaurants in Prague: my Top 5

Isn’t going out one of the best things when visiting or living in a city? Where to drink and eat in Prague? After living there for more than 2 years, I’m sharing with you my favourite addresses, just like I would do with my own guests. Feel very welcome!

– BARS –
Kasárna Karlín ($)
Let’s start with a hidden place only known by locals, very cool and hipster. On top, prices are cheap (Yeahhh!). Kasárna Karlín is a former military barracks where you will now find bars, benches, food, sometimes burgers, playground for children and even an open air cinema broadcasting a nice selection of movies in original version. The best is to go after work for a beer (or lemonade) on a sunny day.
Address: Prvního pluku 2, Prague 8

kasarna karlin

2. Týnská / Manesova Bars & Books ($$)
2 locations for 1 bar which will make you travel directly to New York. At Bars & Books, the atmosphere is cosy, the decoration is elegant and waiters are nice. Every Tuesday is Whiskey night and every Wednesday, musicians give a live and intimate concert. Taste a good glass of rum, vine or one of their cocktails.
Addresses: Týnská 19, Prague 1 / Mánesova 64, Prague 2

3. Tretter’s New York Bar ($$$)
In the heart of Prague, go back to the 20’s in America: Hollywood, jazzy atmosphere, the set is in place. Choose your cocktail and either relax or party like in the Années Folles! I like this bar mainly for its wide offer of good drinks, its nice decoration and its very central location (in Dlouhá area where to go out).
Address: V Kolkovně 3, Prague 1

4. Deer Restaurant Prague ($$$)
Deer Restaurant is definitely THE place to go for a coffee on a sunny winter day! Completely hidden from the street, its charming patio surrounded by the Golden Deer Hotel will be your spot for a good chat between girlfriends or a romantic atmosphere. Although expensive for Prague, I would recommend it for a short stop. Don’t miss their half liter strawberry lemonades, they are the bomb!
Address: Michalská 19, Prague 1


5. Hemingway Bar ($$$)
Meet Hemingway’s way of life, drink absinthe, enter an adventurous and secret atmosphere! The bar has strict but funny rules so you will be welcomed and guided by a waiter. It is the kind of places where you go a single cocktail, as they are quite expensive for Prague (around 10 €). But let’s admit they are really good and creative! Don’t forget to book, as the place is very popular 🙂
Address: Karoliny Světlé 26, Prague 1

– ROOFTOPS (bonus) –
Terasa U Prince
Wanna fancy rooftop from where you can see both Old Town Square AND the Castle? To find this hidden place next to the famous clock, you have to enter the Hotel U Prince, go straight and take the lift to the 5th floor. I recommend to go right before the sunset to enjoy the view by day and night 😉 They have the same good strawberry lemonade as in Deer Restaurant… otherwise, cocktails based on Becherovka (the typical Czech liquor) are good too! Better book a table few days in advance.
Address: Staroměstské náměstí 29, Prague 1


Terasa T-Anker ($$$)
Another rooftop in Prague is the one in Náměstí Republiky. To enter the Terasa T-Anker, take the lift directly from the street, like if you were going to Fashion Club on the last floor (the 5th). The view from there is nice, the atmosphere is chill and I could even once see fireworks! To be honest, drinks on the menu are just the regular ones, but I can recommend you to try the chocolate cake (from Belgian chocolate with raspberry coulis)! However, don’t eat a main dish there as prices are too expensive for Prague.
Address: Náměstí Republiky 8, Prague 1

Brunch is where you go when you’re too lazy to either cook or go to food shopping on Saturday midday*, don’t you agree? That’s why, very logically, most of my selection recommend you places in Prague 10 (Vršovice) where I was first living 😀 But they are freaking good addresses, so that’s a good enough reason to explore the city further than the center. As well, lots of Airbnb are in this area so it might actually be perfect for you.
*This also works for Sunday!

1. Coffee Corner Bakery ($$)
At Coffee Corner Bakery, I love the food, the chill atmosphere and the fact that they have both inside/outside options. Looking for a place where to spend time on your computer? Go there, you’ll feel just like in your living room! What to try from the menu: definitely their burrito, avocado toasts, smoothies and don’t miss their carrot and chocolate cakes #Yummy! Make sure to arrive before 1pm to enjoy the brunch menu (kitchen is strict on this point).
Address: Korunní 96, Prague 10

2. Café Sladkovský ($$)
Café Sladkovský is ALWAYS a good idea, for any type of occasion (a glass of wine, a dinner with friends, an after work with colleagues). But what I like the most is going for a brunch! This local address is very typical from Vršovice district, mixing expat hipsters and Czech people. Its vintage decoration makes the character of the Café. The food is very tasty (scrambled eggs & Falafel menu are a must) and at a very affordable price. Bonus: the place is vegetarian/vegan (and dogs) friendly 🙂
Address: Sevastopolská 17, Prague 10


3. Café Jen ($$)
I will always like Café Jen as it was my first brunch discovered in Prague. I brought there so many people and they all loved it. The main advantage: it was down my flat! Owned exclusively by women (#GirlsMakeCoffee), Café Jen has good vibes and Café Jen is English-friendly. Their menu changes every week, so you can go many times. Just as promised, their coffee is really good (I always choose the cappuccino) and plates are creative. They also have board games to play with and a small terrace for sunny mornings.
Address: Kodaňská 37, Prague 10

4. My Coffee Story ($$)
Small and quiet from the street, My Coffee Story is a good place to go for a brunch in Žižkov (Prague 3). The coffee is English-friendly and has a good menu. I have tried their guacamole bread with egg and lime, their fruity pancakes and thick smoothies (spinach, avocado and other green stuff). At the back of My Coffee Story is a garden, if you feel like eating outside 🙂
Address: Štítného 8, Prague 3

5. The Venue ($$$)
Because I still wanted to give you an address in the center, I chose The Venue, very popular for its brunch. The place is quite small but they have a nice terrace and a garden in the back. Cakes in the counter window look amazing, food is good and they have flower lemonades (try the rose flavour). I would recommend to go alone or in small group. Also, prices are slightly more expensive than the other presented places, but this is justified by the very central location.
Address: Havelská 4, Prague 1


In this category, I selected 6 restaurants instead of 5 because I simply could not make a choice! They’re all good and I like them for different reasons…

1. Restaurace U Dvou Pánů ($)
Let’s start with traditional Czech cuisine, so you can try the specialities that the country has to offer! I am usually not a big fan of the local food but I found this restaurant and loved it. First, dishes are really good; second, the location is central (with very fair prices); and the staff is welcoming (which is rare enough to be highlighted)! I recommend this place for both winter and summer, as they have a terrace with a view of the Estates Theatre (Stavovské divadlo). There you can taste goulash soup in bread bowl, duck (take half one for 2 persons!), apple strudel. And to drink: all kinds of beers, Czech wine (from Moravian region), and they have very good lemonades.
Address: Ovocný trh 6, Prague 1
Note after COVID-19: the restaurant did not survived the health crisis and had to close. Instead, I recommend Sou100 in the Žižkov district, if you want to taste nice local food. Address: Štítného 625/11, Prague 3

2. Marina Ristorante ($$)
I already talked about Marina Ristorante in my previous article What to do in Prague? I have been there many times when friends/family were visiting, for Valentine’s Day or with besties. Why do I like it? Because it’s Italian food (of course), because it’s on a chic barge, and because it’s not necessarily expensive (in particular pizzas or pasta). The best is to have dinner by night, so you can enjoy the view of the lit Castle. And ask for the Lambrusco (red sparkling wine) which is not always on the menu #BestTip
Address: Alšovo nábřeží, Prague 1


3. Tempo Allegro ($)
In a more intimate atmosphere, try Tempo Allegro. Between Charles Bridge and the National Theatre (Národní divadlo), they are very central located and cheap. The food menu is straight to the point as the place is better known for its wine (gooood ones!). I usually go for a either a mix of ham/cheese/olive/bread or the fresh tagliatelle. Bresaola carpaccio is not bad either! And I have no words for desserts: cheesecakes or a spicy chocolate cake. If you don’t like wine, try their refreshing elderflower lemonade 🙂
Address: Karoliny Světlé 24, Prague 1

tempo allegro

4. Maitrea ($$)
At Maitrea, everything is good, beautiful and relaxing! Recommended by all guides, this vegetarian restaurant has been designed in a feng shui style, for you to feel welcomed. Located in a small street behind Týn Cathedral (Old Town Square), this atypical place offers world cuisine and has no fear mixing Asian with Czech or Mexican inspirations. For a total change of scenery, go downstairs near Buddha, the fountains and fireplaces. Maybe just pay attention to the indications about spicy degree!
Address: Týnská ulička 6, Prague 1


5. Pizza Kmotra ($)
It is always time for a good pizza… or pasta! This Italian place has a wide menu on which you can find any kind of massive pizzas, pasta, salmon, lasagna, gnocchi and salad. Their starters and desserts are good too. The visible space when you enter hides a bigger one downstairs. You can sometimes be seated next to the pizzaiolo in a traditional setting. On top, Pizza Kmotra is located in the center, between Národní třída and Národní divadlo so it makes it very convenient.
Address: V Jirchářích 12, Prague 1

6. Indian Restaurant Pind Prague ($$)
After tasting Czech food, you want another type of exotic cuisine? I have tried and loved Pind, an Indian restaurant near Jiřího z Poděbrad (more easily called « JZP » by expats). By the way, this area has a more local atmosphere and is nice to visit too. But back to the Indian place, I recommend you to order the chicken tikka masala or anything else (sooo tasty). They also have nice vegetarian options. And I literally fell in love with their mango lassi drink, tasting just like in India. Just be careful when it says « spicy », it actually is! Amazing enough to be mentioned: the unlimited lunch buffet from Monday to Friday for 130 czk (5€).
Address: Korunní 67, Prague 2

$: cheap
$$: normal
$$$: expensive


  • Czech people are crazy about BOOKING! So if you wanna be sure to have a table, I strongly recommend you to make a reservation in advance (even on a Tuesday night for 2 persons, so imagine on a Saturday for 6)! Restaurants are small and the demand is high, especially in summertime 🙂 Only brunches don’t always accept reservations but you can get there and wait a bit.
  • Service is usually not included in Czech restaurants, so you can leave a tip around 10% of your total bill. If you don’t, it’s not rude. However, the service IS sometimes included so don’t tip twice: the safest way to know is to check on your bill.

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