What to do in Prague?

Hi lovelies!

Among your travelling friends, all of them without exception told you that Prague was in their Top 3 of the European cities to visit. If not the first one. There are reasons for that… Wanna judge by yourself? Well, read this article and book your ticket!

I arrived in Prague to live and work less than 4 months ago and I already discovered a lot of things to do. Here I share with you some ideas. I decided to split this article into 2 parts, depending if you go on a week-end with your crazy animal friends or on « bae-cation » for more romantic moments:


  • With your friends: One cool thing to do is to participate to a free tour, as I had already advised you in my article about Amsterdam. You’ve got many companies such as Sandemans, White umbrella with who I did, and many others offering tours every single day. I chose to do the Old Town + Jewish district tour in Spanish and found it pretty worth it for 2 hours and half. The guides are always extremely cultivated and funny. The tour is complete and at the end of it, each one can give how much he considers it deserved. For me, it’s a good way to learn about the city if you only plan to stay in Prague for a short time. It gives you a concentrate of the city and history, and you can enjoy the rest of your time with your friends!
  • With your love: You’ll quickly notice that Prague is a very romantic city, with all its bridges. A spot you definitely have to go to is Charles bridge, but my tip would be to see it by night: first it is less packed, second you’ll have the chance to see the Castle illuminated, and third I love the atmosphere with all the musicians during the summer. So, just walk in the pedestrian streets, stop for a Trdelnik (the typical sweet from there) or for hot wine on the Christmas market. 😉


  • With your friends: If you wanna combine drinks and a good view, go to the Beer Garden in Letná Park. From there you’ll have a panoramic view on Prague. The best moment is to go for the sunset.
    And if you like street art, you can not miss the John Lennon wall where it is also common to hear a guitarist playing music. Very close to the wall here the Lennon bar, with such cool decoration! Have a drink 😉
  • With your love: Somewhere very special to go is Grébovka, in Havlíčkovy sady. Latino dances on the warm Sunday nights (salseros know…), vine on Friday and a park with fountains and squirrels for the rest of the time.
    If you come to visit Prague with your kids, the zoo is a good place to go one day. For Czech people, zoo can even be a place to go on a date, apparently!


  • With your friends: I was surprised to discover that Prague has many water activities on the Vltava river, except on wintertime obviously. With a bench of friends, you can rent kayak and paddle boards or play volleyball at the Kayak Beach Bar on Náplvka – THE area to chill on summertime!
    Another idea is to go to a hockey game, main sport in Czech Republic. You don’t especially need to know the rules in detail, the essential is that there is always a crazy ambiance at the rink.
  • With your love: If you prefer doing more dynamic visits, you’ll easily find hikes to do around Prague. You can even go with a group: a few organisers communicate through Facebook to promote their one day trips.


  • With your friends: A place in Prague I recently discovered and directly fell in love with is the Kino Lucerna which is the oldest cinema of the Bohemian region, screening films without interruption since 1907. The entrance is cheap – even more if you’re student. The best combo is to start doing some shopping at Terry Posters shop in front of Kino Lucerna: there you can find movie posters from the time when Czech Republic specially redesigned all the posters for the local market. Continue going early to your film in order to appreciate the theatre itself, and finish around a coffee at Kavárna Lucerna, debating about the film with your friends.
  • With your love: With honey, things have to be bigger! Bring him/her to one of Prague’s operas. It is something really normal here, even if I know it seems too much. Prague people are crazy about music, that’s why. The program is diverse, mixing classical opera with modern ballet, always of high quality. You’ll also find representations dedicated to children such as the Little Prince. Prices oscillate between 4 to 45 € depending on your seat, the type of show, the date…


  • With your friends: Because Czech Republic is also known for its castles, a cool place to visit is Karlštejn. You can follow a guide inside the castle and go for hike around there, as well. I recommend it to you if you stay more than a week-end in Prague. 🙂
  • With your love: A nice and quiet place close to Prague is Průhonice village. What to do there? Visit the park with a botanic garden, from where you can admire the small castle. It is a – let’s say – 4 hours activity, very close to Prague.


  • With your friends: Sudden need of an amazing burger? The Tavern is your spot, then! Close to Riegrovy Sady, from where you can enjoy a view of Prague, close to the Beer Garden.
    Later in the afternoon, don’t hesitate to enter Cafefin, a place with good vibes at Jiřího z Poděbrada (also known as JZP by the expats)!
  • With your love: For a special occasion, you can invite your darling to the gastronomic restaurant at the top of Žižkov Tower (or TV Tower) and prouve that Czech food can be delicious. 😉 If the monument itself has been designated as « the world’s second ugliest building », the view from up there is nice.
    Later on for a coffee downtown, you can sit down at the Municipal House with its Art Nouveau style, partially decorated by the artist Alfons Mucha.


  • With your friends: After your American burger, you can always succumb to a Mexican burrito. The address I suggest you is Las Adelitas : they have 3 different restaurants in Prague, so it gives you some options. I love their food (not necessarily spicy) and the decoration inspired by photographs of the couple Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera.
  • With your love: Definitely a safe bet if you are looking for a romantic spot is to have dinner… on the Vltava river. Try the Italian Marina Ristorante. Plus, unlike it can seem, they have very affordable prices. Enjoy, guys!

:mrgreen: Also read: Bars, brunch & restaurants in Prague: my Top 5

If you’re starving of more ideas or wanna see Prague in pictures, have a look at this video from Bruno Maltor, a French blogger:


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