The one night, goodbye: why is this for?

Have you ever spent this wonderful night that when you’re back home the day after, you wonder if this was real or another dream?

OK, I’ll explain myself: you had the best date ever (which was not even planned to turn into a date and that’s certainly why it hit the top). Until there, everything is alright. Then you suddenly have no news from the dated guy. OK, why men do this? The wine made you tipsy enough, the walk was romantic, the kiss was intense, even the sex was great. And after this evening you’d spent together, full of precious moments, nothing. How is this possible and why is this for? Because the problem is since now, you will think about your night again and again and convert it into your new « first date expectations ».

Article #18It is absolutely impossible that the boy didn’t feel the same as you. He even told you without any asking. He was single, funny as if he was a good friend, he was awesome and hot. You know he likes you; he cannot contradict this, his attraction to you was obvious. After all, you shared intimacy with him ‘coz you were trustful. So maybe he needs some time apart, but you would have understood that. It’s not a reason to disappear from the face of the earth. He could have shared a coffee with you some day in order to explain to you… that’s what civilised people do. So what, does he believe you cannot handle it? The more rational explanation is that he might not have thought in someone else’s feelings.
I compare this situation with the sweetest pie you can find: why to give me one piece of a delicious cake until I get used to it, if you know you’ll not allow me to eat the rest of it? Pouf! Disappeared, like you.

So if anyone, boy or girl, has got any beginning of explanation (but maybe I am the only one to who this ever happened), would you please leave a comment and tell us about your experience? I’m kidding but seriously, why do we do this? Is it too complicated to be brave for a while and give a reason, if only a little one? Because at the end of the day, more than frustrating, this is very confusing: everything, the all date, worked perfectly like if you had jumped on a boat drove by itself. And the result is a big hole, not even justified.

Guys, it’s not that girls specially like talking, it’s just we deserve a better way to be treated, which also includes the break up part. Understood? 😉
Just so you know: you cannot give the best of yourself one day and the worse the day after. Try to be respectful of the night we’d spent together. This message is not for you, it’s for the next one who’ll do this to me. You better not, darling!

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Article #18


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