Dear 16-year-old me

You’re opening this letter and you’re already looking at the signature. Well, it’s yourself who wrote this paper. I mean, it’s me, I turned 23. To make this clear: I am you, a little bit older. I’m absolutely not here to tell you what you’re supposed to do. I just came to give you some advice that I would have been happy to know at your age.

So first, about boys: you should not worry, you’ll learn how to make them like you and you also have to know that everyone evolves at their own rhythm. There is no supposed right age to have the first time, a boyfriend or even to live with him. You won’t believe the first « I love you » you’ll receive from someone else than your family: don’t be afraid and take it easy as if it was a bonus, inside a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg! Continue being naive as you’ve always been, except with boys. A word from a man which sounds good stays a word, not a promise.

Another important thing: childhood friends don’t stay the best friends forever. At the university, you’ll make new friends, then lose them… until you make the right ones. Real buddies are people who give you a positive image of yourself, people you can rely on at any time and with who you feel natural when you hang out. They’re not jealous of your success and always manage to make space in their schedule when it’s time to see each other.

Yes, you’ll have your bachelor’s degree with good results. I tell you right now because I know this is the main thing you’re interested in! Oh by the way, stop being too preoccupied about your studies. You will have success, so no pressure 🙂 Don’t drink too much alcohol at your final prom. Yep, you’re gonna have one like in American series. Continue working hard on your English and Spanish because one day you’ll finally impress yourself and reach your objective. Furthermore, you’re not gonna be that bad living by yourself at your own place. It just takes time to learn how to do it and get used to it. Adult life is not a long, quiet river you think it is. You built it and THIS is the creative part: you get a multiple choice of possibilities. Ok truthfully: I’m about to finish my studies and I’m freaked out BUT I feel that only me and myself can choose what to do next and where to do it.

Article #11Keep being curious and asking questions. Try to get some self-confidence as well. I wish I could tell you I’m cured but I still have to work on it. Drama lessons will help your shyness a lot, so go for it! Remember you don’t always have to show up STRONG, you have the right to fail sometimes provided you’ve tried. No one will love you less. You’ll discover you’re fucking strong but also fucking fragile at times. But don’t forget to take care of yourself; I still do, most of the time.

Continue to travel: trips will be your second school. Follow your ideas, don’t let anyone pressure you, even a boyfriend. Go abroad to study, it will be the best choice you’ll ever take, even if you first think it’ll be hard. Jump ‘coz the surprise you’re making to yourself is gonna be your best gift, as far as I know. You’ll quickly understand you’re right to put your studies as top priority on love. Anyway, he wasn’t the good one for you (for us)!

Give kisses to lovely dog Pearl for me.

Don’t fight too much with Mom, she’s nice and she’ll be the only one to never take your words in the bad way. Accept the fact that your family environment is changing. And don’t worry, when Dad said the best years were already behind you, he was wrong: they’re just infront, coming soon.

Article #11

Believe me when I say you’re beautiful. But start being concerned about what you eat now, the earliest you take habits the easiest it is. Enjoy the size S, while you can still  fit in it. 🙂 ‘Coz you’ll slowly have to say goodbye to the trousers and tops you’re currently wearing. And practice sport again, please.

Don’t slow down the rhythm of reading books. You know they make you dreamy and happy. I’m about to start again with them.

And driving your own car is something wonderful, believe me!

The idea of this article came when I discovered this campaign:

This article may sound selfish, but it’s actually directed to everyone. While I was writing all of those advices to myself, I realised they still work today to the 23-year-old me. If it can give you the idea to sit down for a while, do the same exercise and write your own « Dear 16-year-old you », I would be happy to read it!

:mrgreen: Also read: That’s Erasmus life!


5 réflexions sur “Dear 16-year-old me

  1. You’ll make new friends in university… and everywhere. Honestly, we don’t have a unique place for living so our friends will vary constantly, I understand you so much! The important thing is try to keep those ones who are really worth it and when you meet them, it’s like time have not passed.
    Enjoy your last month over there 🙂

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