That’s Erasmus life !

ENAs I told you in my presentation, I like moving. Since September I’m glad ‘coz I’m living the Erasmus experience in Madrid !!

Ultra-full days and nights, that’s the reason of the long break of few months of my Blog. Arrived on September the 1st as a Parisian girl – already 6 months ago, I converted myself to a Madrid girl. Not so bad for a girl from the countryside ! But I have to say to deserve being on the Erasmus program, you’ll have to overcome a few stages : you discover you are « Selected« . You check ten times to be sure. This is where it starts, well before September the 1st. And until your departure, expect to live like this :

By the end you’ll know by heart the number of administrative offices, and then leave them alone for one or two semesters.

The suitcase is ready, the flight is booked, you say goodbye to your family. You’re afraid ! You’ll grow up so quickly but you still don’t know that at this point. At the airport, my flight was annonced 6 hours late, which gave me time to meet and talk with Spanish people who were taking the same plane as me. I prayed not to loose my luggage because I have all my stuff for one year – let’s say all my life ! When I landed at Barajas, in Madrid, I didn’t have the metro nor train anymore so I shared a taxi with the people I met on the plane. The taximan asked me where I was going, I gave him the address. His GPS didn’t know it !

« Where is it, Miss ?
I don’t know, I’m just arriving in Madrid ! »

It was 1 a.m. and I finally arrived but at another student residence than mine (I changed at the second semester to a shared flat). Welcome Day at the uni : lots of Erasmus, lots of nationalities and accents.

First language anecdotes you wont forget, like :
– Xavier, what does it mean when you say « la fuck » ?
“La fuck” ?
Yeah ?
– No, I get it : “la fac”.
It means university. It’s the same word of faculty but shorter.
Are you kidding, you say « la fac” to say university ?
Yes !
You say “je vais à la fuck” ?
Yes « je vais à-la-fac ».


And then I quickly made friends, got used to accents, to languages and to my new courses. I chose the English/Spanish bilingual option at the University Carlos III, just to let you konw. The ESN association organises lots of activities to meet other Erasmus students who go to the same uni. It’s managed by students who did the Erasmus program themselves. After the first week, it turns you on sooo much ! Well, I lost a love (don’t worry, this is not always the case) but I met so many people from all walks (and I’m continuing). You speak with Brasilian, American, Turkish, Korean people… and finally realise you’re similar. You know you’ll spend the best academic year of your life ! The next step of the program : true friends, with whom you share everything and you can rely on, trips (I’ll talk to you about in my next articles 😉 ), outings, classes of salsa & bachata, restaurants, a Spanish rhythm of life, boys (yeah yeah, you have crazy success in comparison to what you had in your own country) and Fiestas !! Because, let’s be honest, Erasmus is also the biggest PARTY of your life :

The end of the first exams is coming, as well as the end of the first semester, and you have to say goodbye to those who stop their adventure. How many farewell dinners, farewell parties, last drinks ? [Meeting point in 3 years in Bora-Bora my friends, with your husband, children or your dog, it doesn’t matter !!] I can now say that I’ve friends from all around this globe, my house is theirs, theirs house is mine. I carry in my heart a piece of each of their countries.


But quickly the second semester took place, I moved with a friend (in the flat we are 3 roommates and we switch between languages) and I started new subjects in my uni. The trips have also continued ! Fortunately it’s not finished, there are 2 months left before going back. Almost one year of Erasmus life, so much tips, trips and things to tell ! These articles are in preparation… coming soon.

Picture 1


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To summarise, Erasmus is : Tumblr

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